3 Genuine Reasons Why Lawyers Don’t Like Advertising Agencies

Why Attorneys Dislike Marketing Companies

Lawyers play a reliable role in solving the cases of their clients using legal ways. They prefer to stay away from marketing and advertising agencies to preserve their client’s identity and loyalty they have promised for. Most attorneys stay away from marketing agencies as they think that these agencies are unethical and violate a person’s right to privacy and try to impose themselves on them.

Why Attorneys Might Dislike Advertising Companies?

  • They are not loyal

Marketing agencies make a lot of promises, but at last, they are not seen to be fulfilling any of them. This agency will try to get them signed, just for increasing their revenue. These agencies make promises about how they can get a lawyer on the first page of Google Getting more recognition which is not as easy and compelling as it sounds. In the end these law firms didn’t get the ranks or leads they are promised, instead ending up wasting their money.

  • Lawyers have bigger budgets

Though they have bigger budgets to offer they dream of the best services which sometimes they fail to get which leads them to rise in fights between marketing agencies and law firms.

  • It seems unethical for lawyers to advertise

Client’s rule 7.3 prohibits lawyers or law firms from involving in any advertising communication.

Incompatibility in Marketing Agencies and Lawyers

  • Privacy
  • Data collection
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Consumer protection rules and regulations

Though criticism has always been there regarding promotion of legal services through print or electronic media, as it demean the legal profession implying that lawyers are only meant with making money.

In reality, they work hard to get recognized as the best client’s.

There are some ethical concerns in marketing agencies –

  • Conflicts
  • Lack of focus to serious case
  • Lack of engagement
  • Set of expectations between advocates.
  • Bribes, form of compensation or black money.

Though as we are well aware lawyers are the most known personality, popular for their honesty and the way of working.

Instagram accounts are seen to be favorable in the lawyer scene as they play a crucial role in getting clients especially for lawyers in certain specialties or roles.

They don’t like to be involved in direct marketing agencies as they think it will create chaos or hinder their profession.

When it comes to their skill in the courtroom, or their mastery of engaging with client’s, lawyers are mostly a confident bunch. No one can match the level of lawyers they work on.