5 Fixes: Orange Light on PS4 Controller Error

PS4 controller orange light error

The PS4 controller orange light is an error faced by many users these days. Even though it is a powerful gaming gadget, it may show orange light sometimes denoting they may be facing issues. This blog will help users get the device working again. Let’s dive into important information related to causes and solutions.

What Does This Error Mean?

  • The controller is not properly connected
  • The controller is overloaded or in a resting position
  • The controller is not fully charged
  • Slow processing of the console
  • Bad battery

Follow These Steps If This Error Occurs

  • Monitor the cable

Sometimes the cable you are using might be broken or not working properly which leads to this warning light. Monitor the cable properly by plugging in android and then an IOS if required.

  • Start over the console

Starting the console plays an effective role in avoiding unnecessary errors in any digital device. Using the power button to restart the console can be helpful. It will remove all unnecessary caches, and files opened in the background.

  • Controller resyncing can be an effective step

Controller resyncing can be an effective step in avoiding errors –

  • You can connect the controller to console
  • You can access settings in the console
  • You can also check other blue tooth devices in the console
  • In this way, you can resync the controller.
  • The controller should be set properly

Resetting the controller in an organized way is crucial to maintain the working of the controller.

Reset the controller in the following way

  • Go to the reset button
  • Take the help of paper properly
  • Press the controller button for at least 4 to 5 minutes
  • At last you can connect again to controller.
  • Charging of controller
  • Controller should be charged fully
  • Enable the charging in safe mode
  • It will take around 2 to 3 hours to be kept in power saving mode for its effective working.
  • Make sure the console should be in an organized condition.


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