Bennett Armistead Schauer: Who is He & All We Know About Him

Bennett Armistead schauer

Bennett Armistead Schauer”, the son of Laura Linney, is a popular actress and he is only 8 years old. She is one of the cutest celebrity child and actress. Media stars are always part of the discussion which gives air to various rumors and fake news around the world. Not only celebrities, but their kids are also always discussed among people as part of important news.

Who is Bennett Armistead Schauer?

He is an 8 yr small kid who is becoming widely famous because of his parents who are now divorced. He has become a celebrity for people who wanted to know more about him. He was raised by his mother but always had a connection with his father, Marc Schauer

The kid studied at kindergarten and was famous in school also because of his mother’s performance. His mother’s net worth is more than $10 million. Imagine his amazing life when he traveled all over the world at age of 5. He is a kid with big dreams and passion. 

What makes him famous?

He is the only son of his parents, raised by his lovely mother Laura Linney, widely famous as a singer and actress. Being the only son of a popular actress makes him famous among fans. People are curious to know more about Bennett. His mother is a determined lady who is a well-known singer and actress. She started her career around 1990 in a film on the law and order of America. Then she was cast in thrilling movies like congo, primal fear. Her next debuts were – you can count on me, tales of the city, and wild iris. 

Following are some best debuts followed with year – 

  • 2002 – The crucible at Virginia theatre 
  • 2003-  Mystic rive films like – love, Emma Thomson, AlanRickman, etc.
  • 2004 – Kinsey co-star 
  • 2005 – Comedy movie – the squid and whale nanny diaries. 
  • 2006- Being famous for the role of Claire in the movie Jindabyne 
  • 2007- Tamara Jenkins 
  • 2008 – Abigail Adams 
  • 2009 – she was the host of a show on PBS and was also present at the Obama inaugural celebration. Barack Obama also appreciates her for her big dreams. 

Awards won by Bennett Armistead’s mom Laura Linney –

There are various awards won by Linney including – golden globe Award, 4 promotional awards, a screen actor award with a BAFTA award, and 5 tony awards. 

It is more than enough and not surprising to answer why Bennett Armistead Schauer is famous. He is famous because of his mom’s popularity, her hard-earned achievement, and the respect she had gotten from her fans. 

Why is Laura Linney popular among fans? 

Every celebrity is famous because of their talents, abilities, and achievements they have accomplished through their self-confidence and perseverance. Laura Linney is known for her wonderful roles in films, advertisements, and comedy dramas. We should begin to praise her without a second thought for everything she has gone through. Her story of motherhood and the struggle behind raising her only son who is the best gift from God according to her was incomparable. Laura Linney is respected for being an ambitious, independent lady who divorced her husband and decided to raise her son Bennett Armistead Schauer alone and wants every quality in him rather than his dad. 

She struggles a lot but never lets herself down as she wants her son to get everything he dreams of. Be it clothes, trips, or costly toys she 

never did any cupidity in offering them to her son. She always admired her son as he was just like her, optimistic, intelligent, and zeal to dream big. She is a paradigm of beauty and caring mother who also rejected many films in which shooting places were far away from home, as she didn’t want to stay away from her son. She set a perfect example of a robust, courageous single mom who can raise her child without the help of anyone. 


We always heard about the struggle of celebrities who earned respect through their work rather than by name. Some are those who have no background but are still passionate and out of films, and the movie industry and some are those who are influenced by their parents. Some celebrities become favorites of their fans when they prove that there is no substitute for hard work. Someone rightly said Children are known by the name of their parents.