Binance error code 400: Solutions and Alternatives

Fixing Error

Binance error code 400, the issue has been widely heard among users who use this innovation as one of the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. In this blog, we are going to explore more about Binance error code 400, its causes, and solution to fix it. 

Before proceeding we are going to know more about Binance. 

Binance is known as a widely established, safe platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies used for various other trading processes. Binance has become famous in cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance comes with a reputation for being reliable in exchanges, trading, an excellent way to bring balance top. 

It is widely available in every country with security assurance, and also comes with the security of covering the losses of their users which tell about the credibility of the platform. 

  • Fees lower by around 0.1% 
  • Highly secure 
  • 100 currencies to come 
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Credit debit card 
  • Low deposits 
  • Excellent security features 

The Binance error code 400 has been surely due to an invalid API key or endpoints URL with the wrong request.

What Triggers Binance Error code 400?

  • An API key is invalid 

Maybe the API verification key the user had used has been invalid and does not have access to the system. 

  • URL incorrect 

The web address to open Binance API verification key is wrongly entered. 

  • Incorrect parameters 

Parameters required for Binance API access may be incorrect or missing which is leading to error code 400. 

  • Rate restricting

Sometimes ratings exceed per minute or day which also leads to severe threats and errors on the device. 

Solutions to fix binance error code 400 

  • Request check 

The first topmost thing is to check API requests and spellings are they are entered in the right way or not. You must check if requests are formatted properly. 

  • Delete cache of browser

Clearing unnecessary caches and files from the browser also helps a lot. It frees the device from unwanted files and bugs. 

  • Open the browser, go to settings 
  • Selecting history 
  • Go to clear browsing data 
  • Then go to select 
  • Choose clear data from the settings 
  • Different browser 

You can choose another web surfing software to fix the error code. Try to run the site in a new browsing utility to fix the error code 400. 

  • Binance customer support 

When everything fails, you can initiate to call customer support to fix the error. 


Technological enhancements have given rise to not only innovative solutions but also some unwanted, unwelcomed errors which might cause issues in the device and leads to an interruption in their smooth functioning. As we are aware of millions of options related to digital currency around the world but choosing a single option from them is difficult. 

Everything which is cheaply available is not always safe, especially in case of trading, and investments it is crucial to choose the right digital currency or cryptocurrency. 

This blog is written in consideration of Binance which has been established as a considerable cryptocurrency exchange and its error code is 400. 

We hope our potential users will get their problems solved through reliable solutions.