Clothing to Wear in Kashmir – Fashion of Kashmiri Winter

Clothing to Wear in Kashmir

Not sure what clothing to wear in Kashmir due to the harsh weather conditions? Famous for its scenic beauty, snow-capped mountains, hospitable, kind-hearted people, and local handicrafts. It is known by the name ‘paradise on earth.’ People get confused with only the question “clothing to wear in Kashmir.” If you are planning a memorable trip to Kashmir, this article will surely be a crucial part of planning.

What Type of Apparel to Wear in Kashmir?

Kashmir’s weather keeps changing throughout the year, so you will need to pack clothes accordingly. Let’s learn more about the type of clothes you should pack for different seasons.

Clothing to Wear in Kashmir During Summer (April – June)

Nights are usually cold. The summer month in Kashmir, from April to June, seems to have a temperature of about 25 degrees. In hot weather conditions, one needs to ensure to put on lightweight clothes rather than sweaters and all. Simple clothes such as cotton top and bottoms will be sufficient. You will be able to wear t shit and jean with a lightweight jacket, or you can completely avoid jackets and sweater during the day. Along with these, you can also pack light woolens as temp drops down when it rains, making nights colder and chilly. It will be better if you keep an umbrella in your car in case you experience heavy mist or rain.

Monsoon Attire to Wear in Kashmir (July to August)

The monsoon starts in Kashmir around July and lasts till August, with a cold breeze and exotic nature. This time will give you the experience of cold nights and sometimes evenings too. Carrying raincoats, waterproof pants, jackets, and other full-sleeved clothes is better.

Winter Garment to Dress in Kashmir (November to March)

Though the weather in Kashmir is always pleasant, you can expect medium to heavy snow during the November month of the year in the mountainous regions . Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam are the places situated on a higher altitude and remain extremely cold. You need to take an extra layer of clothing to wear in these areas. There’s heavy snow in December. Ensure snow boots. Make sure you have packed pullovers, sweaters, socks, mufflers, warmers, and gloves. You can also have them at Kashmir tourists sport. Local people say that everyone should keep a water-resistance bag with them to protect their essential items from precipitation.

Other important things to carry along with clothing – Are a torch, hiking boots, an umbrella, moisturizers, sunscreen, lip balm, a thermos ( tea and water ), medicines, and a camera.

About Kashmiri Attire

As we know, the dominant religion in Kashmir is Islam. They wear clothes with authenticity and class—loose trousers, with a loose kurta, and shoes with no lace, known as gurgabi. Though the name is unique, you will feel more excited seeing men and women wearing this.

Kashmir shawls are popular for their embroidery, fine Poland ors, and the thread designs on them, made of wool of pashmina or Resham cloth. Though whenever you visit, buying it for your loved ones as a gift can be the best option though it is rare.

Try These Traditional Clothing to Wear in Kashmir

Since Jammu and Kashmir have people with – both Hindu and Muslim dominance which makes their dressing styles are similar to each other. Here girls and boys both wear pheran and pathani suits. We hardly notice any difference.

Let’s talk about the most famous traditional dresses of Kashmir that you should surely try on your trip.

Kashmiri Pathani suit

People from karakul, peasants, and tribals wear pathani suits, with frill skull caps and shawls made up of pashmina, pure silk signifying symbol of class and royalty. Men wear these, often referred to as khan dresses. Men also wore turban along with it, which looked exciting in both ways.

Kashmiri Pheran

Pheran makes Kashmir women look adorable. So you might experience your eyes and mouth wide open seeing them as they look damn pretty in attire with heavy embroidery. This is a perfect mix of Iranian and Hindu clothing. They wear it touching their toes, tied at the waist with a material called lihung. There is a brocade used in hardware called Tauranga. Men also wear loose kurtas with caps and without them, depending on the climate.

Best Jewellery to Put on in Kashmir

  • Taranga – Colourful scarf, popular headdress. An important part of Kashmir ( be it Muslim or Hindu)
  • Kasaba – It is red headgear, which can be pink
  • Abaya – Usually worn by unmarried women
  • Bangles – Gold pendant (dejharoos)

Jewellery Added to List (for men)

  • Headgear – for Muslim men and Kashmiri pandits
  • Gujjar – who live in the hillside called Gujjar
  • Dogras – traditional wear of Indo-Aryans. Dupatta or tunic around the waist.

The beautiful, stylish dresses of Kashmir can be bought from local shops. It will be best if you pack beautiful jewelry, including jhumkas and necklaces. While travelling, your goal should be discovering all unique and local experiences in terms of food, place, or culture.


No doubt that Kashmir is a lovely place to visit. A trip means planning and analyzing the best. Be it clothes or other crucial items. If you plan to go there, you should try amazing traditional dresses which blend ethnicity, royalty, and class. Don’t forget to click pictures. Come on, plan a holiday you will never forget. Life is all about making memories. Let’s make one!