Darktide Long Load Times: Make Loading Quicker

Darktide Takes too Long to load

Darktide long load times error has been among the rising issues for users. We are aware of the popularity of video games, famous for their graphics, visuals, and sound quality. These digital games have established themselves as the best platforms for games who are fond of digital games. Darktide is largely liked by people and established as the first-person action video game developed by Fatshark. 

In this blog, we are going to explore how to resolve the slow load time and speed up your gaming.

Darktide Long Load Times: What’s the Cause?

However, there is no proper reason for long load times error. Most users face this error while selecting any character for their game. Some of the users also face server down and interruption in the game or it gets stopped in between. 

  • Internet issues 

A strong internet connection is a topmost requirement for any device to work efficiently. 

  • PC doesn’t meet the requirements 

Sometimes the PC doesn’t support the games to function well and this leads to issues or interruptions in the working of the game. 

  • Outdated installation causing darktide excessive load time

Outdated apps and devices always lead to issues. That’s why it is advised to use updated apps every time. 

How to Avoid Long Loading Time on DarkTide

Restart the game 

You must reboot the application and see if it makes any improvement in your gameplay.

Restart the PC

Power off your machine, switch on it back and check the internet connection and the controller should be in perfect position.

Get Fast Internet to Load Darktide Quickly

 The internet connection issues can make serious issues in your gaming. Darktide is a pure-internet game so your internet connection should be in excellent condition to run the game without errors. 

Update the game  

Go to Google Play Store or apple play store and carefully check if there are any updates available.

Verify game files 

If you have come across any corrupted, unwanted waste files then it’s crucial to verify, monitor and initiate to eradicate them from your device to avoid overloading your device. 

  • Choose the unwanted files 
  • Move them to the trash bin 
  • Click to delete 
  • And then you are good to go. 

GPU drivers should be updated 

GPU drivers also play an important role and should be updated. Take care that all GPU drivers should be updated in an organized way. 

  • First, select the device manager 
  • Choose GPU 
  • Go to select the GPU 
  • Initiate to delete the GPU and you can again place it if you want. 


Using technology doesn’t assure you of whether it is free from errors or not. 

Not every digital app has to be the best at work. Sometimes they lagged out because of some issues. There can be mechanical or internal issues. But these issues are not permanent and can be resolved through simple steps. Checking servers, updating internet connection, and login issues are perfect ways to check the working of an app. These types of errors may occur sometimes in the note of maintaining emergency as well as piracy.