Easy Fix: Google Pay Error Code B3

Google Pay Error Code B3

Error code B3 on Google Pay is among the most-heard errors nowadays, which keeps on interrupting the digital transactions of users. 

As we are aware, digitalization has made things easier for us. It has made financial transactions easy and reliable. Paytm, UPI, credit cards, and Google Pay are nowadays crucial for making digital transactions which save time and energy. 

Google Pay a convenient digital wallets used by millions of people around the world. However, sometimes users face this issue on Google Pay. This article is written to help you out the reason behind error code and solutions to fix it. 

What is this Error?

Another name for this glitch is “path code violation.” Every time you make a payment should be confirmed by the bank account. The error occurs when the transaction stops in between or bank hosting services are not working properly. Tez is the name given to Google Pay app where two people can do cashless transactions easily. It has made people’s life easy in online shopping, trading, e-commerce business or transactions of money to anyone residing in another country. However sometimes users face Google Pay is not working. 

What Causes this Issue?

Using Gpay nowadays is crucial for everyone. The B3 error warning on Google Pay is nothing new, as any app can face such error. The main reasons behind such issues are: 

  • May be lot of people using G-pay at the same time 
  • Internet connection may be interrupted 
  • Bank service host issues 
  • Bank server down 
  • Account balance issues 

Ways to Fix It

Follow the methods to get your error solved:

  • Properly check servers of Google Pay 

It is crucial to check if the app is working properly to allow transactions or not. 

  • Check internet connection 

Strong internet connection is important in order to process any transactions online. Sometimes interrupted internet connection can lead to issues in transactions. 

  • Analyse Your Bank or Wallet Balance

What if you are low on balance? Make sure your account has enough balance to allow transactions. 

  • There may be issues with senders and receivers’ servers or bank account 

Maybe the issues are in the senders and receivers place. You can check the server, internet connection. Wait for minutes and then resume the process again. 

Some error codes in Google Pay you might come across – 

  • 499 operation cancelled 
  • 500 unknown error
  • 400 Invalid request
  • 404 deadline
  • 405 request cancelled 


Technological innovations and the rise of digital India have done lots of positive changes. It led to enhanced modernization and digitalization in everything like – business, finance, and trading. 

However, these days Google Pay is the topmost choice for digital transactions with facilities like – fast transactions, easy to use, convenience, and security of payment, used for various activities like shopping, paying fees, trading, recharge of phone bills, etc. However, users have been encountering similar errors on Google Pay.