How to fix MW2 Error Code 0x887a0005 – Expert Solutions


0x887a0005 is an error code that appears due to internal server error in the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” video game. Online games have been on the rise, People are crazy about playing arcade games. In the 21st century, we can’t imagine entertainment without these games. Some games like – Modern Warfare 2 are counted among the wonderful games which were published by Activision in 2022. The game has been widely popular for its graphics, 3D settings, sound, and story of the game. However, error code 0x887a0005 has been creating issues among users. This blog is written to help our users to get reliable solutions to solve errors. Read all the points listed below to solve the issue you’re facing.

Causes of error 

These points could be possible errors is – 

  • Games server is down

Sometimes server issues cause the malfunctioning of games. It is advised to properly check on the game’s server. You can check online via the official website or the page of the game on Twitter.

  • Internet connection issues

Every online game requires a strong internet connection to function. Check if your router is working properly or not.

  • Corrupted files

Delete all corrupt, unnecessary files which are creating issues in the functioning of the app.

  • Permission to users 

Sometimes PCs don’t give access to every game to function. Follow the regulations given below and the analysis of the setting. 

Ways to solve error

Some Reliable ways to solve errors- 

  • Reinstall the game 

Most of the time the app gets affected due to viruses or corrupt files. In that case, the game will be unable to work properly. To fix this you should uninstall and reinstall the game. Most of the time your app needs modification which can be done by reinstalling.

  • Monitor the game files properly 

Unnecessary files and data mislead the working of the game or app. Here you need to delete all the unnecessary stuff that might be creating an error. You can follow the following steps to do the process-

  • Access to library
  • Go to modern warfare settings
  • Search all the local files
  • Verify unnecessary files to delete
  • Try to launch modern warfare with settings

Most of the time your PC doesn’t allow any games to play or function well. That needs extra permissions and settings. Go to settings and right click on the icon and then launch modern warfare with the administrator.

  • Update graphics device efficiently 

Outdated Versions no doubt possess serious issues in the functioning of games. Update the graphics settings properly. Check what changes you can do to the graphics. 


Errors are unpredictable. We can’t predict them but yes can solve them in an organized way using reliable solutions. This blog is written with the consideration to solve the query of users who are fond of playing modern warfare but facing an error 0x887a0005. Hope this blog will help them to get the best-suited solutions to avoid any errors and enjoy the game freely.