Data Science Placement Options and Salary

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Data science diplomas or trainings are one of the best options nowadays to pursue your career as a data scientist. Data scientist is one of the best jobs around the world that provides a high salary. But due to busy schedules, a lot of people don’t have plenty of time to go out for coaching. If you are also one of them, then you don’t need to worry because there are too many online platforms that provide online data science courses and give 100% placement guarantee as well. Now people may ask what is the eligibility to pursue your career as a data scientist.

With digitalization, the demand for data scientists is also increasing because every company needs a data scientist to handle large chunks of encrypted sets of information. Data scientists play a huge role in any IT sector. In this post, we are going to see the demand of data scientists in the future, salary, and what their responsibilities are. So, keep reading this article to gain all the knowledge that could help you in becoming a successful data scientist. 

Who are data scientists and why are they needed in a company?

Basically, a data scientist is an expert who helps a company in growth, helps in cleaning and processing data, extract insights, and build predictive models. Data scientists mainly work to extract important information from the insights of data. They should have a good grip on statistics, machine learning, and computer science. So, if you are thinking about joining this career, you must learn all the required things that make a perfect data scientist. This newly arrived career field that is gaining a lot of popularity even pays a good salary. With the increase of data in the world, the demand for data scientists is also on top. In the upcoming days, the demand for these data experts is going to increase rapidly all over the world.

Is a data scientist course good for your career?

Subscribing to a data science course can be an accelerated way to start or advance your career in this field, but first you need to ensure whether you have interest in this subject. Always choose a reputable and trusted firm to learn this course to secure your career. You will learn programming languages like Python and R and data analysis during your training. Visualization, machine learning, and statistical inferences are some basic modules you will learn.

There are some training programs that promise to provide data science course with 100% placement guarantee, and these types of training programs are much better as compared to those that doesn’t offer any guarantee or placement options. 

Data scientist salary in India

The estimated annual income of a data scientist in India is roughly between 4 Lakhs to 26 lakhs, according to experience and expertise of the individual. You can see the salary is neither too surprising nor too low. Now these are only salary options for a data scientist but if you become an entrepreneur and start a data scientist agency, nothing can stop you from earning in Millions. Nowadays there are many data science agencies that provide their services to many reputable firms. Many companies also likes to outsource their data science related tasks to agencies, so opening an agency in this particular field can be a great opportunity.