Laurie Tagaloa Death, Age, Biography & Present Family Status

How is he

24 yr old actor and influencer Laurie Tagaloa is the son of Tina Tagaloa and Charles tagoloa. He lived in Brisbane with his four siblings.

Who is Laurie Tagaloa? All We Know

He was recently murdered which shocked his family and fans brutally. He was a typical citizen of Australia. Police in Brisbane city recovered his dead body covered in blood. A viral video tells he was brutally stabbed with knives 2 or 3 times by a group of men. They were in the middle of an argument when the act was recorded on camera.

According to police and evidence shown on camera, it was revealed that Laurie was murdered by a group of men in July 2022, in Brisbane near the valley metro food court.

How he could have avoided the fight?

According to the video, he was a part of an argument where a group of men started shouting at him. Around 4 o’clock the minor argument turned into a full-fledged fight where Laurie was also seen to be fighting like other people.

He could have avoided the fight by calling someone or maybe avoiding that idiot group of men. Though it was not his fault it was a situation where he landed and was stabbed in the neck. It was God’s grace that everything was recorded on camera, which can be very helpful as solid evidence against the criminals.


People with a good heart and talent are always remembered. They are hard to forget and leave their traits in the lives of people. He was a man with a heart who never faked anything, however, his sudden death called for uninvited shock for his friends and family. No one can forget how brutally he was killed and no one was there to help him.