Prime Video Download to SD Card Not Working

Unable to Save Prime Video to SD Card

Can’t download movies and shows on Prime Video to SD card? This issue has become among the most heard errors nowadays. Users facing this error are irritated as this causes interruptions in between their entertainment. Entertainment platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, or MX player are highly appreciated for offering the best HD quality movies, and web series in different genres like comedy, thrill, suspense, and horror. They also allow users to save video or their favorite shows whenever they want.

Prime Video Can’t Download to SD Card: Causes

  • Maybe because of multiple apps 

Sometimes the background apps also cause issues in the device. They led to interruptions in the working of devices or apps. 

  • Overload storage 

Unwanted files lead to the overloading of apps. 

  • Internet issues 

Slow or weak internet connection will definitely interrupt the working of any app. 

  • Software or technical issues 

Sometimes the internal software or technical issues also leads to security problems. 

How to Fix Downloading to SD Card Not Working on Prime Video

  • Check the storage 

Unwanted waste caches and files create major issues related to security and viruses in any app. Unwanted files make an app overloaded and make it unable to work properly. 

  • Third-party involvement 

You can approach help from a third party in case when everything fails. You can save any video from a third-party website. You can save high quality video without any interception or rules, or regulations. 

  • Amazon support 

When options like third-party or external SD cards fail you can approach Amazon support. Amazon support is reliable to deal with the complaints of customers related to any fault of apps. 

Why Saving Prime Video’s Content to SD Card is Important?

SD card plays an efficient role in storing download videos from OTT platforms like Amazon prime video, MXplayer or Netflix. Using an SD card is far better than another device. However, it is good for managing internal storage. By which the app can work properly without any interruptions. If we talk about other external SD cards, it is advisable to use them in case you want to save more than 15 videos at a single time.

In that case, if you are not able to view the “Save to SD card” option, you can use the following steps- 

  • Approach the profile icon.
  • Select settings in the top corner.
  • Go to stream and click download. 
  • In the next step, you will see the switch, which will then appear as blue in dark mode.
  • There you will notice the option to download videos.


We cannot predict errors in any form. They can be because of signal, technical, or software issues. Digital innovation and modernity have led to positive changes in the lives of people where they have received assistance in areas of education, trade, business, and e-commerce. 

OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hotstar have gained wide popularity, praised for their unquestionable quality features and HD quality videos. Here users have the authority to analyze, choose and download videos of their choice. 

However, these errors are unpredictable and temporary which can be solved easily by some reliable solutions as given above in the blog. 

Hope our readers will get the most from the above blog.