TikTok Star Rohit Zinhurke Age, Personal Life, Wiki & More

Rohit Zinjurke Age and WIki

Many people are wondering how old is Rohit Zinhurke and for all those people I’ve created this post. has been a famous topic nowadays. He is 28, and was born in April 1995. Prominent personalities are always seen to be in the eyes of people, being the reason for debates, discussions, and gossip. As we are aware of the rise of Instagram, TikTok these days has become a source of entertainment, money generating, and a way to be crowded with millions of fans through videos, dance, and anything. His fans are curious to know more about him related to his net worth, girlfriend, birthdate etc.

How Old is Rohit Zinhurke?

As on 2023, he is 28 years old as he was born in 9th April 1995.

Who is Rohit Zinhurke?

He is a well-known tiktok star who is has been widely in discussion among his fans. Nowadays, he is being the most popular, searched celebrity, famous for his dance videos, vlogs, etc. He has a huge fan following on Instagram with crossing 25 Millions followers in 2023. Rohit Zinhurke earns through Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and a lot more. He done his schooling from Bombay and belongs from a middle class family. Before becoming an internet star, he did a salesman job at a clothes shop. He blessed with 2 sibling sisters in his family. The guy seems to be hardworking, passionate about singing, acting, and dancing. Rohit’s best skill is his strong grip on freestyle dancing.

What made him a celibrity?

Hard work always pays off. This statement has been properly proven by Rohit Zinhurke who uplifted himself by doing constant hard work with determination and perseverance. He is not only famous for being on YouTube as a superstar, but also for how he transformed himself. He had two lovely sisters and belonged to a middle-class family. He used to do a job at a clothes shop in Surat, and he used to create TikTok videos after his working hours.

After shutting down TikTok, he never let himself down but rose again to upload his vlogs and videos on Instagram. He became famous by posting daily life videos, fashion ideas of clothing, etc. He is known to be a wonderful fashionista who has a great fashion sense and knows what to pair with what. He owns a KTM bike and also posts videos related to it which makes him popular among his fans.

He is good at dancing, hip-hop, and singing which helped him earn wide popularity.

It’s very common to notice that celebrities when they become famous don’t usually bother about anything but only their popularity, attention, and work. Rohit Zinhurke is different as he is a very down-to-earth, open-minded person who used to do social welfare, helping neglected groups and poor people and helping them with food, clothes, and shelter. This kind of nature has helped him gain fans all over the world.

His Girlfriend

Rohit Zinhurke and Nita shilimkar are best friends but are in continuous discussions that they might be dating for a long time. They both are popular social media celebrities and mostly seen hanging out together. But that doesn’t mean they are dating. They are into the loyal bond of friendship which is incomparable to anything.

Nita shilimkar started talking to Rohit on Instagram when he was not much famous and worked at a clothes shop. Seeing his constant hard work to achieve his dream, Nita was very excited to meet him and they shot a song Goli Maar De together after which they both became best friends and famous among fans.

According to them, it’s true they like each other but don’t want to be in a relationship as they both have decided to help each other in achieving their dreams. They both are usually seen together at parties, laughing and sharing things. It has been reported that their parents are also aware about their friendship and never raise any question related to that as they know that both are each other’s supporters, they guide each other.

For Nita, Rohit is a perfect gentleman who has accomplished  a lot in his life with constant hard work and zeal. His struggle is appreciable. According to her she was impressed not by what he is but by what he has become. They support each other, and help each other but never thought of being in a relationship. They have set the perfect example that there are some bonds other than relationships that are based on loyalty and trust.


People who rise alone with their hard work and efforts are always respected and discussed widely among people. They are remembered for the way they uplift themselves when no one is there for them. People like Rohit are praised for their nature and kind heart who always love to help people around them, no matter how popular they have become.

This blog is written to drive our users’ attention towards famous tik tok star Rohit Zinhurke who uplifted himself alone by doing a job in a clothes shop. Here our users get to know everything about Rohit Zimhurke, his family, and friends, and an inspirational story to appreciate.