What Happened with Kandee Johnson’s Engagement? Still engaged?

kandee johnson

Prominent personalities are always seen to be in the eyes of people, being the reason for debates, discussions, and gossip. If we talk about Kandee Johnson, there are always questions about her relationship with Michale Castro. The audience always wanted to know if she is engaged to Michale Castro. If we drive our attention towards their relationship, we will come across the two TV personalities who are famous for their kind, humane nature, as they share a cute bond.

Though there are rumors related to their relationships when they are seen in intense scenes helping each other and working together. 

Who is Kandee Johnson? 

An influential personality, Kandee Johnson is known to be a Hollywood makeup artist and YouTuber. She is a 44 yr old lady of 5 feet in height. She is an American who has done a great job in transforming the faces of well-known celebrities with her talent and makeup skills. 

Kandee is known to be a beautiful lady who makes others beautiful. She started blogging in 2009 and then set herself up for makeup skills. Then she started her channel glaminar and beauty on YouTube.However, she is herself a captivating lady with the ability to do transformations on other faces.

With her talent and hard work, she earned more than $5 million in net worth. 

She is popular for her makeup styles and YouTube channel. She has done makeup for celebrities like – Snow White, Wonder Woman, Kim Kardashian, Edward Scissorhands, Katty Perry, etc.

Is Kandee Johnson engaged to Michale Castro? 

Kandee Johnson’s life was always full of effort as she began her life as a makeup artist and 1st show known by the name VH1 love the 80s. She also got a stream award in 2016. However, being married twice and a mom of four kids. She got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Michael Castro in 2015. This is what excites her fans to know if the news is the truth or just a rumor. 

The truth is the couple has been engaged and has a daughter together. Besides this, there were some posts showing they both share a bond of care, affection and trust. It was seen that they both faced everything equally. Be it the media or family. 


Celebrities are always a part of the discussion among their fans. As their life is full of happenings. Their fans are always excited to know about their personal life, marriage, child, or divorce issues. This blog is also written about the famous kandee Johnson an amazing makeup artist who was among the discussion on the topic if she is engaged or not. 

In this blog we have helped our readers to get the correct answer and clear their doubt that yes she is affianced and also has a lovely daughter.