Who is the Black Actress in the Skyrizi Commercial?

Black Actress Skyrizi Commercial

Dana Deggs is an underrated artist, famous as the black actress who worked in the Skyrizi advertisement. Yes, she is the one who is known for the gorgeous black model who appeared in a commercial from Skyrizi. She may not be a popular star in the industry, but she has worked in a few commercials and short films, including Naked Brother’s Band (2007), Due Diligence (2008), Day in the City, and Class Act (2010).

Personality traits of Dana Deggs 

26 yr old, Dana Deggs, is an ambitious model, actress, and social media star. Though she shows a great expression of compassion and humanity. She always has the vision to sacrifice her everything from wealth to health to make this world a better place. If seen as uninteresting, she dared to leave and analyze what seems best for her. 

Dana Deggs believes in equality, rule of law, and benefit for all, not for individuals. She is not prejudiced, and always criticizes social biases or inequalities against people. 

What are some of her other interests other than movies? 

Dana Deggs had greater aspirations for her life mainly influenced by –

●    Interior decoration 

●    Landscape art 

●    Photography 

●    Social work 

Apart from her career in the acting industry, she has some interesting qualities that makes her a kind and generous person. She has been known for being socially active, helping the society using her wealth and innovative ideas.

Her interest in writing motivational and romantic stories is her another amazing talent that she shares with fans on social media.

From her overall experience and skillset, we can say that she has the potential to make this society and world a little bit better. Her hardworking and focused spirit in her career is the main reason for her success.

What can we add more to her personality? 

We can add the flavor of – concern, kindness, generosity, and adaptability to the personality of Dana Deggs. She is pretty much a versatile person who adjusts in all social, political, or vocational aspects.

Skyrizi commercials have gained a potential audience with the entry of a black actress known as Dana Deggs who is strongly inspired by her mother – Angela her mother described her as an amazing girl who can roll to many responsibilities together as a student leader, social worker, photographer, and an actress. She has been part of magazines and also volunteers every week with many other organizations like – Women of tomorrow, who already had exceeded ours for her bright future. 

How can Dana Deggs be an inspiration for our young generation? 

She is known for her hard work, dedication, and consistency in all spheres be it – volunteering, dancing, social work, or being part of a political organization. 

She is not only an actress but also has a craze to achieve something out of the limit. She is an intelligent, inspiring girl who changes the world’s perception into positive thoughts and views. 

Her ideas are as creative as her beauty. She can set an amazing example for our young youth who think there are no backup plans in life and are afraid of trying new things in their life.